Creating a new perspective in early cancer detection

Annual Report

iCAD is an industry leader in providing advanced image analysis that helps healthcare professional identify cancer earlier.


The company wanted a fresh look for their annual report that would work with their established branding

Screen captures that show the software’s features were combined lifestyle images.

From the begining, iCAD hoped that the annual could  “be different” while continuing to reinfore their established brenading.

Multiple Concepts For One Solution

When we design an annual report we provide a minimum of four concepts. The images above are a sampling from some of the concepts provided.


We believe that subjective opinions alone are not sufficient to evaluate the success of a design. Instead, we consider the notion of “feeling right.” When a design feels right, it elicits an intuitive response that goes beyond personal preference. It engenders a sense of balance, coherence, and alignment with its intended goals.

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