Smiths Medical

Introducing an Innovative Needle Launch Design Series

Concept Designs

We commenced the project by conducting initial design work and capturing in-house photographs. After receiving the client’s approval for the design direction, we proceeded with a professional photo shoot. The following are a few preliminary concepts based on the images from the photo shoot.

Final Brochure

The final flip brochure consisted of 20 panels in total. Each of the upper panels featured captivating visuals accompanied by a catchy tagline. As for the lower panels, they contained content that was specifically tailored to highlight the advantages and benefits.

Pocket Trainer
The trainer consisted of removeable panels that could be easily attached or detached according to requirements. The entire unit was secured using a convenient grommet.

Supporting projects
There were a number of one off projects. Include a poster, postcard and tradeshow giveaways.

Portfolio of Clients