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Clementi Associates has been serving large and small companies throughout New England for over 45 years. We haven’t been acquired or merged to achieve that longevity. We’re just very dedicated to doing immaculate, creative work for our clients. Our clients appreciate that stability, because they know we’ll be around to support them as long as they need us.

Who we are & what we do

We are known for producing beautiful designs and successful campaigns for our clients, yet no one can identify “a Clementi design.” That’s important to us, because we believe strongly that our work should always fit the client’s image, not the other way around. We have helped build brands, and we have stepped in to support and extend brands. We have worked with some clients, like Hologic, long enough to be asked to reinvent their brands.

1970s - Book Publishers

Our clients were DC Heath, Ginn, and Houghton Mifflin

1980s - Semi Conductors

Around 1980 we bought our first typesetting equipment and started supporting semi conductor firms; Unitrode Corporation and Mico-Semi to mention a few.

1990s - Full Blown Production

During the 90s we exploded as a production firm with 12 full time people on staff. Most of our work was with industrial manufacturing companies.

2000s - Design Firm

With the advent of computers we transitioned in a boutique design firm. Most of our clients during this time were telcom switching companies; Sycamore Netoworks, Cascade Networks, Innovate Networks and many others.

2010s - Medical Manufacturing

When the tech bubble burst we regrouped and still to this day work with some of the largest medical manufacturing firms in the United States

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